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XTREME VR SSD Pinball Setup


Available ONLY for XGC pinball / 2in1 machines!

$146.06 Save 10%

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Just like you remember them!  This SSD Setup runs ALL pinball tables in FULL 3D VR... truly AMAZING in VIRTUAL REALITY ! Play around 200 tables though VRLauncher menu system Video Here.
We use the very best components to faithfully bring back the nostalgia of playing pinball, but this time without spending a fortune in coins! Relive all the pinball tables you love and adore in a single unit!

You plug-in a virtual reality headset - either an Oculus Rift-S (Recommended) - or your own VR headset. 

AVAILABLE ONLY for owners of our virtual pinball cabinets, you can add our VR system to your machine.
All navigation is done with the buttons on your Pinball Machine or with VR controllers/an onscreen keyboard on your virtual desktop. You can also use your real-world keyboard/mouse via USB or wirelessly.

There's no need for a screen on the PINSIM or Pinball Machine cabinet itself because your VR headset IS the screen!
That said, you can plug-in a monitor if you prefer to navigate and/or perform system tasks outside of a VR environment.

The VR system drive is NOT protected by our reboot to restore feature as you need to make specific changes for your headset, physical (and virtual) environment, and personal needs, and you also need to enter account details for SteamVR (and the Oculus or other manufacturer sites).

It's impossible to describe the experience and videos don't do it justice because you're watching them on a two-dimensional screen. Further to this is a "jerkiness" to the video caused by the video conversion from curved 3D to 2D. In the VR world, gameplay is butter smooth and the sensation of playing a REAL pinball machine is TRULY amazing!

This enhanced VR SSD DRIVE features...


  • 3 year warranty on all parts
  • 500GB SSD
  • Easy-to-use Pinball Selection Menu

We Ship World Wide and Australia Wide


Please allow a minimum of 14-36 working days for pick up or delivery.


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