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Xtreme Gaming Cabinets

Arcade Gaming Cabinets and Virtual Pinball Machines

DON’T Buy Imported Machines from China!
BUY yourself a 100% Australian made and custom built Arcade Gaming Cabinet or Virtual Pinball Machine from us.
We have the BEST Arcade Gaming Cabinets and Virtual Pinball Machines in Australia
We are second to NONE!
All of our machines have a full 3 YEARS warranty on all components – inside and out.

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Xtreme Gaming Cabinets is a family-run, online, retro arcade and virtual pinball machine company based in Brisbane.
We’re a business comprised of innovators, forward-thinkers and tech-obsessives, with the drive to deliver great products and a convenient online shopping experience.
We offer a range of high-quality, hand made arcade and virtual pinball machines, and take pride in providing exceptional customer service to our clients.
We work hard to be the best in the industry and continuously develop and improve our range.

We have the BEST BUILT Virtual Pinball and Arcade Machines in Australia.
We offer A WIDE RANGE OF DECALS to suit everyone’s tastes.
You can CUSTOMIZE your machine build with our many options.
We supply and ship our machines to anywhere in Australia or world wide.

Check us out on FaceBook for build progress posts and other updates, and also visit our YouTube page for videos that showcase our machines in action, our construction and more that will give you a great insight into our products.
Our FAQ will answer many of your questions on our machines, shopping, shipping and more.

Our Virtual Pinball machines look great (inside and out) and are packed with amazing technology that makes them feel and play like real-world pinball cabinets…making sure you get the
ultimate “pinny” fix!

If you have limited space, please check out our VR pedestals and Xtreme Decks.

Our PC-based arcade machines offer so much choice.
The Xtreme Gaming Cabinet is the most advanced arcade machine on the market.
Play YOUR local or online game library using your Steam, Steam VR, Xbox Game Pass, Playstation Now, U-Play, Origin, GOG, itch.io, Gamersgate, Epic Games Store, Oculus Store, Battle.net, Discord, and other accounts and services.
Play solo or against your friends – in the room
or on the other side of the planet!

We don’t call our machine the Xtreme GAMING Cabinet for no reason.
Have you got a new – or old – gaming console sitting in the cupboard?
The Xtreme Gaming Cabinet supports not only old school and modern gaming software, but is also compatible with a huge range of console HARDWARE, including: XBox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Playstation 2, Playstation 1, Wii, GameCube, and more.
Just connect your console(s) directly to the cabinet, and use the Xtreme Gaming Cabinet arcade controls, screen, and sound system to play
YOUR favourite console games!

Whatever your choice, Xtreme Gaming Cabinets can make your arcade gaming dreams come true!

Our Cabinets:

Built to last, with strong joinery and commercial grade components.
CNC precision cut Black Flat Matt Melamine MDF board (not painted).
High quality vinyl decals (artwork) with a high gloss or flat laminate coating.
Extensive CNC precision cut ventilation slots.
Lockable access door with high quality hinges.
Heavy-duty castors on upright arcade machines.
Locally manufactured and supplied timber, metalwork, decals, glass, and perspex – supporting other Aussie businesses.