For a decade, Xtreme Gaming Cabinets™ have been supplying businesses and home gamers around the world with an extensive range of high quality, custom-built virtual pinball machines and arcade gaming cabinets from our Brisbane, Australia workshop.

We're a family-run, online business comprised of a small team of skilled craftsmen, innovators, forward-thinkers and tech-obsessives, with the drive to deliver great products and a convenient shopping experience.
We take pride in providing exceptional customer service to our clients, we work hard to be the best in the industry and continuously develop and improve our range on a software and hardware level.
Many enhancements are based on discussions with clients - who, after all are the reason why we do what we do - and we implement ideas borne of these interactions, where viable.

We are a small, boutique builder of bespoke, customized machines - not a mass producer.
EVERY machine we make is UNIQUE, and is hand-built to order.
We don't have cabinets ready-made to purchase.
We build in order of deposit payment.
It takes time and care to create each client's personalised machine.

We offer an update/upgrade service to our clients who wish to take advantage of the latest new features and technologies.

  • We have the BEST BUILT Virtual Pinball and Arcade Machines in Australia.
  • We offer A WIDE RANGE OF DECALS (printed in-house) to suit everyone's tastes....or you can create your own!
  • You can CUSTOMIZE your machine build with our many options.
  • All of our new machines have a full 3 YEAR warranty on components - inside and out.
  • Our machines contain only brand new components. We do not substitute parts, nor do we use low spec or second-hand parts.
  • We work closely with our supply partners to ensure that the superior powder-coated metalwork, glass, timber, and perspex used in our builds is unrivaled and that quality control is maintained.
  • All electrical components comply with the safety standards outlined in AS/NZS 3820 and the RCM, detailed in AS/NZS 4417.2.
  • We supply and ship our machines to anywhere in Australia and most international destinations.

We ship world wide and our international customers pay no local (Australian) GST tax on their builds!

Please don't make the mistake of purchasing a non-upgradable and under-powered SOC (System On A Chip, like the Pandora's Box, JAMMA boards, etc.) or Raspberry Pi-based machine, or a machine using a second-hand and/or outdated low-spec PC. There's a reason (actually several) why these machines are so cheap - whether assembled locally or imported from China.

We'd love you to consider one of our high quality, high-spec, Australian made, custom-built PC-based Arcade Gaming Cabinet, Deck, VR PinSim, or Virtual Pinball machines....or one of our Arcade Racing or Lightgun "Shooter" cabinets.

Technology is always changing so we assess, experiment, and test a huge array of computer tech and (game-related) peripherals and software to choose the best product for the job - based on a range of factors, such as affordability, longevity, serviceability, efficiency, compatibility, and accuracy.
As is generally the case, this is rarely the cheapest product in the marketplace, but we know it will provide years of service and enjoyment for our clients.

Our "standard" machines are often more powerful than many other supposedly "top-of-the-line" offerings from other vendors. A lot of cabs on the market are absurdly overpriced - and are often MORE expensive than our better-specced, more powerful "standard" machines - so you're paying for some middle-man's new Ferrari....not buying a Ferrari gaming cabinet.

Check the specs and see what you're getting for your money.....oh, and make sure that those "classic" games are the originals, not different games "based on" the originals - which is common on the ultra-cheap machines.

We make machines that WE want to play and don't compromise on our builds or (original) gaming experience - and this is what we provide to our clients.

Call us - Intl: (00 or 011) +61 431973063 - Oz: 0431973063

We feel the best way to communicate what we do and what to expect from our products is to be totally transparent and up-front - so we provide as much detail as possible on this site, on Youtube, and through FB posts.
We don't show off the "demo model" - we show the actual machines that our clients receive - inside and out.

  • For build progress posts and other updates, join us on FaceBook
  • For videos that showcase gameplay and real-time operation of customer machines, our construction, and more that will give you a great insight into our products and the way they work, please visit our channel on YouTube and join thousands of subscribers who love what we do.
  • Our FAQs will answer many of your questions on our pinball and arcade machines, shopping, and more.
  • Our product pages provide detailed information on components so you know exactly what you're purchasing.
  • You are welcome to contact us at any time via email or phone to ask any questions, or to check on your build status.

Our Virtual Pinball machines look great (inside and out) and are packed with amazing technology that makes them feel and play like real-world pinball cabinets...making sure you get the ultimate "pinny" fix!

If you can't decide between (or don't have the space/budget for) a pinball and an arcade machine, why not combine both?
You can add an arcade gaming system and a couple of X-Box controllers (up to 4) to any of our virtual pinball machines, making them 2 in 1 pinball/arcade hybrid machines.
Add a gun drive and a couple of light guns to make it a 3 in 1.
Add a VR pinball drive and a VR headset and you've got yourself a 4 in 1.
We also offer removable arcade controls for our full-size pinball machines.

If you have limited space, but want a killer pinball or arcade experience, please check out our VR pedestals and Arcade Decks.
Hook up your VR headest or plug the deck into your TV and/or sound system and have fun!

Our PC-based upright arcade machines offer so much choice, at several price points.

Our Xtreme Racing cabinets bring the full arcade driving (and flight) gaming experience to your home....and for you fans of arcade light gun games - check out our shooting cabs.

Whatever your preference, Xtreme Gaming Cabinets™ can make your arcade gaming and virtual pinball dreams a reality!

Our Cabinets:

  • Built to last, with strong joinery and commercial grade components.
  • CNC precision-cut Black Flat Matt Melamine MDF or Ply board (not painted) - manufactured in-house.
  • High quality vinyl decals (artwork) - printed in-house.
  • Extensive CNC precision-cut ventilation slots.
  • Lockable access doors/panels.
  • Heavy-duty castors on upright arcade machines.
  • Locally supplied timber, powder-coated metalwork, glass, and perspex - supporting other Aussie small businesses and reducing our environmental footprint.

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