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What happens if I have a problem with a faulty PC or component?

First-up...get in touch with us DIRECTLY via email, the contact form on the site, or by phone.
Don't post on social media channels as messages can be overlooked - which is frustrating for you and us - and will not result in a resolution of your issue.
We can't help you if we don't know about the problem - so please, contact us directly.

Your PC can be sent back within the NON-TRANSFERABLE warranty time frame (3 years), if faulty.  
You pay return shipping (and insurance) to workshop.  

Other electronic/mechanical components, such as buttons, joysticks, trackballs, game controller boards, lighting, screen(s), and speaker system (as applicable to your build) have a 3 year warranty for manufacturer faults.
You pay return shipping (and insurance) to our workshop.  
Given the size and weight of machines, components such as buttons and joysticks can be detached and returned, if faulty.

Wear and tear or accidental or deliberate misuse is NOT covered under warrranty.
Damage caused by faulty or non-compliant electrical components, cords, or home wiring outside the machine is NOT covered under warranty.
Damage caused in transit is NOT covered under warranty.

We highly recommend freight insurance, particularly to overseas destinations.

Please note: As we do not charge for software, any loss of data is not covered under warranty if you or another person has accidentally or intentionally:

  • deleted files
  • changed the original settings of controls, applications, operating system, etc.
  • updated or replaced original files or settings
  • installed any additional software

We can restore your system to (our current) factory defaults which will incur a service charge.
This must be done in our workshop.

We will replace a mechanically faulty hard drive within the PC warranty period without charge.
Note that file fragmentation can occur on hard drives over time. A number of small temporary files may be written on our gaming systems - acting as virtual "memory cards", score data, etc. Fragmentation is not a hardware fault.
Should you ever see a fragmented drive dialog, simply allow the Windows Defrag utility to run.

I just received my machine - where do I start?

There's a "quick start" instruction document attached to your machine.
Give it a read to learn about the key, remote control(s), etc. and follow the steps.
Have fun!

There are instruction videos and documents in the Help & Support folder on the desktop of your machine (or on a supplied USB thumbdrive).
These constitute your owners guide.
Double-click this folder to open it and watch all videos from start to finish, and read all docs, to get a handle on how things work.
We realise that this isn't something you'll want to do when you get your new toy, but please find some time over the first few days.
While our machines are easy to use, they include some advanced features that are covered in the videos and documents.
Our systems are incredibly complex "under-the hood", but we've made things as simple as possible - and provide additional functions that will make your ownership and gaming experience better; search functions, control mode switching, easy access to sound and other controls, etc.
Once you've got your head around these features (and have some background info on emulator "quirks"), you'll be flying!

Pinball owners, you'll need to hook up a mouse via the USB port at the front right or left side of your cabinet to view the contents of the Help & Support folder.

If you're the new owner of one of our 2 in 1 sit down (cocktail) tables or 2 in 1 pinball machines check out the document(s) and video(s) that cover the pinball and arcade side of things. If you have other questions, you'll find answers in the FAQ on your desktop (or here, on our site). Please check them out.

Our comprehensive documentation and videos will answer your questions - even ones you didn't realise you wanted to ask.
If we've overlooked anything in the FAQ (or support videos and docs on your desktop) and you need a hand, please give us a call or send us an email.
Posting on social media channels can be overlooked and we can't help you if we don't see your question, so please contact us directly.

Phone: 0431973063

Email: [email protected]

  • Mon - Fri: 8am - 4pm (Australian Eastern Standard time)
  • Saturday: 9am - 12pm (Australian Eastern Standard time)
  • Sunday: Closed

Please note that we're a small family business and can only respond to your queries during the hours listed above.
We thank you for your understanding and patience. We'll do our best to get back to you as soon as we can during business hours.

How do I care for my machine?

Your machine should last you many years with little maintenance. One of the best things you can do to minimise cleaning is to find the right spot for your machine. Obviously, you need to put it where it works for you...but if you have a few options, consider the following info:

When placing your machine, try to find somewhere that isn't in direct sunlight as this may fade the artwork over time and can cause glare on the screen. Avoid wet, damp, moist/humid areas (near laundry/bathroom, near a sauna/spa, near the kitchen, in a damp basement), if possible. This is to minimise the risk of premature component failure and to avoid the build-up of mould or mildew (or fats and smoke) which is also bad for the cabinet (and artwork).

Make sure that extension cords, if used, are out of the way (tripping/fraying hazard) and aren't exposed to moisture. Heat generally isn't a concern for the electronics - and ventilation is excellent in our machines - but most technology lasts longer when not exposed to extremely high temperatures for long periods. Bottom line is that if the temperature is comfortable for you and your mates or family, your arcade machine will be fine too.

Remote Controls/Console Controllers
Store these inside the machine at all times. There's a handy powerboard in the cabinet which is great for charging wireless controllers, so they're ready to go when you need them.
Don't place your controllers (or food or drinks!!!) on top of the machine.
Nudging or bumping the cabinet can dislodge anything on top of the cabinet/or pinball backbox - which can cause significant damage to the controls and/or the pinball playfield top glass.

A simple wipe over with a dusting cloth is all that's required to keep the outside of your machine looking good. If there's any build-up of grime, use a slightly damp cloth (WATER ONLY!).

  • DO NOT use any cleaning agents, furniture polish, etc.
  • DO NOT use abrasive cleaning cloths, steel wool, scourers etc. as this can damage the cabinet, artwork, overlays, glass, or screen.

Every 6-12 months (6 if you have pets or live in a dusty/humid climate), you should give the computer components a quick clean with a can of compressed air. This gets rid of any dust or other build-up, which can eventually cause overheating issues, and keeps the CPU fan running smoothly. Simply open the lockable door to access the computer.

  • Don't use your air compressor - it's fine for blowing out the garage, nailing, painting etc., but it's too powerful for computer components and it may actually blow iron filings etc. into the PC parts, causing an electrical short.
  • Don't use a vacuum/dust-buster (even those "computer keyboard" ones).
  • Don't use a brush, feather duster, or cloth directly on computer components as these can create static which can kill the motherboard.

How do I safely shut down my machine?

Follow these steps to safely shut down your machine.
If you directly shut off your machine with the POWER button, there is a risk that game system settings can become corrupted.

You can safely turn your machine off with the POWER button from the Windows desktop - but you MUST exit front end software such as Steam/Hyperspin/PinballX/PinUp Popper etc. BEFORE using the power button to shut down.

On arcade, cocktail table and pinball machines:

  • Press the EXIT button to open the Hyperspin (or PinballX) Exit dialogue window, then use your joystick (or left/right flippers in PinballX) to select "Yes" or "Exit to Desktop".
    On Pinball/2 in 1 machines running the Popper system, press the Coin button from any playlist to open the "Home" menu. Use the left/right flippers to scroll to the Shutdown System icon, then press the Select button twice.
  • Hit the Enter/Select button to close the front end.
  • On the Windows desktop, use your trackball to move the pointer over the WIndows logo at the lower left of the screen, then click and choose "Shutdown" from the menu (or use the external POWER button if on your machine).
  • On the Pinball machine, press the Power Off button on your TV remote (if applicable).