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Why are you called Xtreme Gaming Cabinets?

First up, the "Xtreme" bit isn't just a play on the adjective "extreme".

We have traded (and continue to trade) as Ultra Custom Cabs Arcade Machines for several years, and wanted to change the underlying technology approach of some products and to introduce entirely new product ranges.

While we could have continued with the Ultra Custom Cabs name, we felt that the market might be confused about our different product ranges, which now include advanced virtual pinball and VR machines.
As such, we decided to clearly delineate the two product lines with the new / existing trading names and logos:
- Virtual Pinball (including 2 in 1 and mini) and VR machines and the BEAST arcade machine - Xtreme Gaming Cabinets branding.
- Our retro arcade products, like the BOSS, 2 in 1 sit-down (cocktail table), decks, and standard arcade cabinets - Ultra Custom Cabs Arcade Machines branding.

Our extensive range of virtual pinball cabinets support thousands of tables - both recreations of classics and original table designs.
We also manufacture virtual reality pedestal machines that are principally designed for pinball but can be used for other VR experiences.
Our arcade products - cabinets, decks, and cocktail tables - support tens of thousands of titles.

We want to reassure our Ultra Custom Cabs Arcade Machine owners that we're still well and truly around - actually bigger & better - and that your warranty is unchanged and is fully covered for the relevant period.
Xtreme Gaming Cabinets is simply a second company name for Xtreme-branded products.
The same people and the same great (actually, even better) Ultra Custom Cabs products.

How much do your machines cost?

The answer to that is "it depends".

The base pricing for our machines can be found on individual product pages, but the total price depends on what you want to add or change to make it your machine.
EVERY machine we make is hand-built to order.

All pricing is in Australian dollars.
Click the Currency pull-down menu to switch between AUD - USD - CAD- EUR - GBP - NZD.
This will show pricing in your local currency.

NOTE: International sales are exempt from Australian taxes, so you will save 10% on the product price.
To view the discounted price, create an account and enter your address details. Your details are encrypted and NO personal information is shared with third parties. This data is used only to enhance your shopping experience on our site.

You can check out different machine models/artwork on our product pages.
Product pages may offer options for your machine that you can choose.
If you add a machine to the shopping cart, then add/change your extras, you will see a total price.
We also offer "Premium" machines - which include most options - that can be purchased with a few clicks.

Don't forget that freight and packaging costs will add to your total, so factor this into your calculations.

Please get in touch with us for exact shipping quotes.

Phone: (Intl - usually 00 or 011) +61 431973063
Email:  [email protected]

How much will it cost to get a machine shipped to my place?

Bottom line is you'll need to get in touch with us.

We Ship World Wide and Australia Wide.

Shipping cost and risk is on buyer.
We highly recommend organising freight insurance.

Outside Australia we can ship to your door.
You are responsible for the payment of all applicable local customs fees, taxes, duties, or tariffs.
There is a REQUIRED packaging fee of $200 for pallet, bubble wrap and wooden crate for ALL international orders.
We - like you - want to make sure that your new toy arrives in the same condition that it left the workshop.

Within Australia, we can recommend and organise shipping companies for you. Alternatively, you can arrange your own freight or pick up from our workshop (there will be a packaging fee of $200 for pallet, bubble wrap and wooden crate, if required).

We also offer $100 delivery to Brisbane / $150 to Gold Coast - Sunshine Coast (within 120 km of postcode 4019)

Please contact us for a shipping quote.

Phone: Intl: (00 or 011) +61 431973063 - Oz: 0431973063
Email: [email protected]

Can I get custom-designed artwork?

A custom design fee may be applicable.

Our graphic design suppliers have a lot of other artwork on file that is not shown on the site. If you have something in mind, please just ask us.

You can also commission your own graphic designer - or design your own artwork - and we can have our print supplier create your decals. Get in touch if this is something you'd like to do. We will supply templates that can be used for your design.
Note: We can only create custom artwork for our machines, not a personal project build.

How long after placing an order until I receive my item?

This depends on the workload/backlog of machines on order at the time of purchase.
We build machines in order of purchase.
EVERY machine we make is custom-built to client specifications. As each machine is unique - inside and out - we can't simply knock up a hundred machines, whack on some stickers and send boxes out the door.
We're a boutique builder of bespoke machines, not a mass producer.

The time frame is an absolute minimum of 36 business days for arcade cabinets and at least 60 business days for pinball cabinets (although this can be considerably longer in peak times, after tax time, and in the lead-up to Xmas) before your build is started.

The period after the New Year may also see delays of a week or two because our suppliers are closed or they are unable to access stock early in January. We try to mitigate these delays by pre-ordering materials, but supplier stock availability is not something that we can control.

We are only a small family business and our machines are in extremely high demand.
All machines are hand made to order in our workshop and quality takes time.
We will keep you updated throughout the build process with messages, videos, and/or photos.
If you have any questions prior to the commencement of your build, please get in touch. Many clients ask about upgrades or new features that have been introduced while waiting, or small cosmetic changes, such as button colours, etc.

Once your build is complete, freight times can vary - depending on the chosen shipping method.
We have no control over shipping time frames, scheduling, customs delays or fees, transport industry changes, industrial action, and so on.
Please see our Shipping & Returns info.

If you are ordering a part from our DIY store: in-stock items usually ship within 48 hours of order.
Delivery times and costs can vary.
Custom items such as toppers or coloured metalwork can take 7-14 working days to manufacture, and will be shipped when we receive the item from our production partners.

Is a deposit required and how do I pay?

Yes, a 50% deposit is required.

We accept:

  • Credit Card Payment
  • Cash
  • Bank deposit

Full payment is to be made before you receive your machine.  
Please contact us as the deposit amount can vary.

Phone: Intl: (00 or 011) +61 431973063 - Oz: 0431973063
Email:  [email protected]

Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm (Australian Eastern Standard time)
Saturday: 9am - 12pm (Australian Eastern Standard time)
Sunday: Closed

Can I buy cabinet artwork, plans, drives, etc?

We only sell complete cabinets.

We do, however, offer a number of products that may be ideal for your own virtual pinball project in our DIY Parts store.

Note: We do not charge for any software installed on our machines, except the fully licensed operating system and core sytem and monitor utilities, as applicable to the model (this cost is built-in to the purchase price of our machines).

Other software is a free addition which uses publicly available applications and utilities that are provided to the gaming community without charge by the authors. Anyone may download this software from the internet.
Under no circumstances should you pay anyone for a copy of this software as it is not for sale.
Xtreme Gaming Cabinets does not sell or distribute any software online.
Where utilities (such as Steam and other gaming services) are included that offer products on a commercial or shareware basis, you need to create an account and make your own licensing arrangements.

What's the story with second-hand products?

Regarding second-hand sales of our cabinets:
We have made and sold arcade machines (Ultra Custom Cabs branding) for several years.
From time to time, people move them on - many buy a new machine from us.

Our older machines will still work well unless the hardware or software has been modified by a third-party, but computer technology, control systems, and software have moved on a long way over the years.

If you have purchased one of our older models second-hand, we can not offer a warranty on it, nor can we offer direct support.
What we can offer, however, is the opportunity for you to update the components (buttons, controllers, joysticks, lighting, sound, screen, computer motherboard/CPU/RAM/graphics, etc.) and system - which not only will bring your machine bang up to date, but a full warranty will be provided on all new components.

Pricing on this will vary, so please get in touch with us if this is something you'd like to do.