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Titan Package - PC Upgrade


PC Upgrade - Premium (or 2 in 1) ONLY!


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Due to ongoing supply issues, chip shortages, and delays - the TITAN package pricing is a MINIMUM - and is INDICATIVE ONLY!
The price shown can fluctuate (upwards, overnight) by as much as $800 - this variation is specifically due to the scarcity of RTX graphics cards and certain CPU models.

We have NO control over pricing, nor the timing of getting hold of these components.

We also have NO control over model and specification changes made by manufacturers - this is of particular importance to understand over the time period between placing an order and the actual construction of your pincab.
What is ordered may have been replaced with a new model.

We always endeavour to use parts that offer similar performance to the previously available component and will often absorb the cost of the newer component if it is a SLIGHTLY higher price.
If a component is twice as expensive as the previous model, or several hundred dollars more expensive, we cannot absorb this sort of increase. It makes it non-viable for us as a small business.

You need to be aware that you may be asked for additional funds if component pricing increases are significant.
If this is unacceptable, then you should not proceed with the Titan package upgrade.

If you are interested in the Titan package - please contact us for the latest pricing and estimates on time frames.

Upgrade your Xtreme Premium Pinball Machine with the TITAN package!

Take your Xtreme Premium Pinball experience to the  crazy upgraded graphics hardware, higher spec CPU, more RAM, bigger PSU, upgraded motherboard and a monster CPU fan.

To be honest, the Xtreme Premium already provides EPIC performance and eats up virtual pinball apps without breaking a sweat....but....
If you want to be future-proofed for years to come and want face-melting VR or regular AAA gaming performance, then this is the upgrade for you!

  • GeForce RTX 3080 10G or 4070
  • Ryzen 9 CPU
  • 32 GB DDR4 3200Mhz RAM (2x16)
  • MSI B550M Motherboard
  • High quality 1000+ watt PSU
  • Heatsink/Fan

Note: This upgrade package is ONLY available for the Xtreme PREMIUM Pinball (or Xtreme PREMIUM 2 in 1 Pinball/Arcade machine).


This upgrade is NOT available for our arcade machines
We do, however, offer a 4K Monitor Upgrade for our arcades.
You can, of course, upgrade or add individual computer components such as: CPU, RAM, Graphics Card, and Hard Drives in ANY of our arcade, pinball, 2 in 1, sit-down, or Deck machines.
Just order via the product pages on the site or get in touch via email or phone.

Disclaimer: All product and company names are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of their respective holders. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.

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